Our clients our so pleased with how they feel after our work is complete, they write the nicest success stories and thank you’s. Here are just a few for your review:


“The services provided by Clutter No More are great! Kevin, you do a great job. I will recommend to all. Thanks.”
R.P. San Diego, CA

“I am absolutely satisfied with my new master closet system. When Kevin & Lynn say they will be there, they are!! The work is impeccable and Kevin gives attention to detail and cleanliness. The fact that Clutter No More provided after install organizing services for me was the topping.”
S.S. Hidden Meadows, Escondido, CA

“The company is wonderful to work with. Meticulous and refined work.”
L.K. San Diego, CA


“Clutter No More was great. They did what they said they would do and went the extra mile in a non-standard installation. I was very pleased with the service and quality of work performed.”
S.O’B. Carmel Mountain Ranch, San Diego, CA

“The work is very professional & precise. Kevin caters to the customer needs and is willing to make changes to his work order if the customer wants something else added. The work was performed quickly and efficiently.”
S.T. Rancho Santa Fe, CA

“I am very satisfied. Everything was well communicated, Kevin is so professional.”
M.G. San Diego, CA


“I am extremely satisfied. Kevin & Lynn made my dream craft room/office come true. I’d talked about doing the room for years & getting in touch with them and their willingness to discuss my plans, made me do it. Thanks for everything.”
J.L. San Diego, CA

“Kevin, thanks a million for all the time you took to sit down with me and give me your expertise as I considered how to set up my files. The advice and wisdom you gave me is already having an impact on how I work with my Admin. Assistant and others on staff, and I appreciate that so much, your impact has been immense.”
J.C. Escondido, CA

“Kevin was great to deal with. Living in Hawaii, w/a condo in Del Mar, Kevin made it easy to communicate. Honorable service. I will recommend your services.”
T.C. Lawaii, HI


“In only 12 hours we were able to go thru two rooms, 4 closets and re-stage everything for better access. The amount of “stuff” in those rooms was overwhelming to me. It was years of items, some had been there for 18 years! I could have never done it alone. Thank you.”
L.H. San Diego, CA

“Great personal service. Lynn has a way of making this task (which I hated and previously avoided) pleasant and easy to accomplish. She provided me with a system that will work regardless of changes (moving, etc.).”
L.R. San Diego, CA


“I love our newly organized home! Lynn was great to work with. She was very energetic and patient. I will recommend this company to others and look forward to having additional work performed.”
K.F. Scripps Ranch, San Diego, CA

“You made us feel like you were our new neighbors who came over to help us settle in. I think that I liked your calm approach the most. You accomplished so much and never made us feel rushed. Your ideas and suggestions were very helpful. We are very happy.”
C.W. Bonsall, CA

Tangible Estate

“One of the best parts of being estate administrator was meeting and working with you folks. Your professional approach to the job was appreciated. It was very comforting knowing that you were taking care of things since we were so far away.”
J.H. Bellingham, WA

“Lynn followed through on all tasks and did whatever needed to be done in order to complete the job- no matter how many surprises or unexpected hurdles came up. She was completely reliable and I would work with her again. I especially appreciated her patience working with the Beneficiary of Trust and taking charge of everything since I live in Northern CA.”
P.M. El Cerrito, CA

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